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Team and Individual Stats

Record (12-17)

Oct. 25: Westcliff @ Hope International                          L 70-84

Oct. 30: Westcliff @ La Sierra                                                  L 59-69

Nov. 2: Westcliff @ San Diego Christian                           L 72-74

Nov. 5: Westcliff @ Life Pacific                                             W 76-58

Nov. 7: Westcliff @ Cal Tech                                                  W 74-61 

Nov. 10: Westcliff v. BenU                                                         L 72-82

Nov. 12: Westcliff @ San Diego State                      (EX)  L 56-77   

Nov. 15: Westcliff @ Hope International                         L 55-74

Nov. 16: Westcliff @ La Verne                                                  L 68-82

Nov. 22: Westcliff vs, UC Merced                                         L 54-75

Nov. 24: Westcliff vs. Pacific Union College               W 81-53

Nov. 25: Westcliff vs. Cal Maritime                                   W 64-44

Nov. 30: Westcliff @ OUAZ                                                        L 63-91 (OT)

Dec. 2: Westcliff @ Benedictine-Mesa                                L 66-81

Dec. 6:  Westcliff @ Simpson                                                  W 51-48

Dec. 7: Westcliff @ Cal Maritime                                         W 70-46

Dec. 9: Westcliff @ UC Merced                                             W 67-62

Dec. 11: Westcliff @ Cal State Bakersfield            (EX)    44-100

Dec. 14: Westcliff @ Cal Lutheran                                          L 58-62

Dec. 19: Westcliff @ La Sierra                                                    L 68-78

Dec. 21: Westcliff vs. Cal Maritime                                        L 57-71

Jan. 3: Westcliff @ Antelope Valley                                         L 60-85

Jan. 6: Westcliff @ UCI                                                                   7:00pm

Jan. 11: Westcliff vs. Park University                                  W 76-69

Jan. 12: Westcliff @ University of St. Katherine              W 79-63

Jan. 18: Westcliff @ Bethesda                                                      W 86-67

Jan. 21: Westcliff @ #5 Vanguard                                                L 45-79

Jan. 26: Westcliff vs. UC Santa Cruz                                          L 68-105

Feb. 7: Westcliff vs.  University of St. Katherine               W 82-62

Feb. 13: Westcliff @ California Baptist                                 EX 43-108

Feb. 15: Westcliff vs. Bethesda                                                    W 84-71

Feb. 21: Westcliff @ UC Santa Cruz                                               L 54-59


Recent Team Information News

Westcliff Athletics Joins the NAIA

By Brandon Petersen 03/31/2020, 4:15pm PDT

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Humble Hall Shines Again in Warrior Win

By Brandon Petersen 02/07/2020, 11:00pm PST

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Westcliff Women's Basketball add's top recruit from Swett High School

By Westcliff Athletics 02/03/2020, 8:45am PST

Westcliff Womens Basketball would like to welcome their newest recruit from Swett High School in Crockett, California, Veronica McGee! Veronica comes to us after a stellar high school career, scoring 1550 points, being ranked #43 in the prep girls hoops rankings and at one time being ranked on espn for the combo guard position.

Among her other accomplishments were, 

junior-2018-19 -TCAL Rock League  Leading scorer, All-Metro Honorable Mention,  2nd Team All-League,  ESPN Ranking 3 Star Combo Guard,  Scholar-Athlete Award, National Honored Society,  and Team MVP

Sophmore - 2017-18- TCAL Stone League MVP, TCAL Stone League 1st All-League, Scholar-Athlete Award, and Team MVP

Freshman -2016-17- TCAL Stone League 2nd Team All-League, Scholar-Athlete Award, and Team MVP

Coach Rouse stated, "We are very excited to add such an all-around great student-athlete to our program. Veronica is not only a great basketball player who can play any position, but she is a terrific student and an even better person. Our program will be very blessed to have her in it."

Veronica will be added to a talented building program next season as Westcliff graduates 10 seniors this year.

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