Westcliff Shows Grit in Final Games Against Ranked Teams

DC Comics had the “Secret Six” and in Marvel Comics, Spider Man’s rivals were the “Sinister Six”. The best comparison may be with the “Bionic Six,” a TV series from the 1980s about six machine-enhanced people with supernatural powers.

The “Westcliff Super Six” have some of that since losing players throughout the tough inaugural season.

In the last three games, freshman Alyssa Starr, is averaging a whopping 39.3 minutes a game. Guard Simone Hall is averaging 39.6 minutes and 13.2 points.

Patty McClure-Tidwell, who averaged just 20.8 minutes in the first 20 games, now is playing 36.9 minutes a contest. Maili Fabius is also averaging 26.5 minutes a game.

“It seems crazy that we’re able to play man-to-man defense and run the whole game, but we do,” Coach Patty Medina said. “You adjust and you find a way to do it with just six. They play college athletics for a reason; it teaches these young athletes to be resilient in times of adversity. We’ve had plenty of adversity, but they continue to fight, they continue to improve and they continue to play basketball.”

The Warriors competed and showed grit against the (#11) nationally ranked University of Antelope Valley Pioneers on Sunday. After having played another (#9) nationally ranked team, Vanguard University, less than 24 hours earlier. Against the Lions, Westcliff was left with only five available players after Simone Hall fouled out early in the fourth quarter of the game and ended up losing by a large margin to the NAIA powerhouse.

The next day against UAV, the Warriors set specific and tangible goals for the game: 1. Keeping the Pioneers from scoring less three pointers than the 17 total from the first contest; 2. Keeping them below 90 total points (they scored 113 in the first game), 3. Scoring more than 39 points as a team, and 4. Handling their tenacious full court press and minimizing turnovers.

The Warriors were able to fulfill three of the four goals. They contested shots a lot better this time around and held UAV to only 4 three pointers out of 30 attempts (13.3%) and 30 of 89 overall (33.7%). They also held the Pioneers to 80 points, one of the least amount of points in a win for their entire season. The Warriors were able to score 47 total points and were only down 13 at the half, compared to being down 37 points at half just two weeks earlier. They lost the turnover battle; however, but improved immensely overall from the first game.

“I’m really, really proud of our team. I’ve been in situations like this before, where we only had six players and they would give up but, this team, played hard from start to finish and I couldn’t be more proud of them. We battled the whole way, we never quit, and made great plays throughout the game.”

The Warriors’ schedule eases up the remainder of the season with games against other fairly new and unranked programs. They play Bethesda and University of St. Katherine, each one more time, and then play Cal Miramar University three times. The next game versus a heavy opponent is against NCAA Division 2 UC Santa Cruz (11-8) on February 10th.

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