Warriors Continue to Show Growth – Simone Hall Sets New Scoring Record with 30 Point Performance

Simone Hall finished with a career high 30 points.

There isn’t a place in the score book for progress, development or maturation and one game isn’t always an indicator of your season. So when the Warriors lost by 8 points on January 23rd to Bethesda, there was no panic or overhaul of the game plan.

Patience was the proper path. The thought process was “let’s get better and not let a loss dictate our direction.”

Fast forward 10 days to a rematch in which Westcliff dominated the majority of the game, leading by as much as 14, and earned a 64-55 win.

That’s progress. The Warriors have been building cohesiveness, gaining confidence and trusting the process.

Despite a short roster, five of the six Warriors scored more than 6 points in the game. Four played an average of 34 minutes. Tate and Starr played all 40 minutes. Simone Hall sat out the majority of the fourth quarter with foul trouble but finished with a career high 30 points and set a new scoring record for the program.

What you have is a cast of players embracing their roles, such as Patty McClure-Tidwell coming up with clutch baskets and an “And-1” to finish with 11 points, or Maili Fabius distributing the ball for a couple of three pointer assists to Jaquel Quest.

When you look at this roster, the future is promising. Although this season is far from over with seven games left, looking ahead is the objective.


Well, because four of these six Warriors will return as seniors — older, wiser, more talented and more hungry to achieve team goals. There’s no room for complacency. There is an understanding that what we are achieving this season is only the starting point and foundation of the program. The six players that withstood this season’s struggles have shown resiliency, unselfishness and will go down in Westcliff history as the founders of the women’s basketball program.

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